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I think she needs a wider back tyre to start with, maybe 240mm, and with that maybe chop the back fender and lower the seat. That'll mean I have more room to stretch out, though I might have to change the handle bars as well. A hypercharger would be fun - they look mad as. It's about time I put some new grips on her too - Kuryakyn does some nice ones with flames set into the rubber and also a throttle boss for those long rides.

I don't think she needs a paint job - all black is just fine by me. Or maybe something subtle ... with a skull in it ...

Oh, and I want to remove any vestiges of branding remaining. I want people to see my baby as she is, not as what she was.

So, if anyone knows any good chop shops around Melbourne or wider suburbs who work with Metric Cruisers (Jap bikes) please let me know.


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Jan. 15th, 2009 05:33 am (UTC)
No, not tempted to get a Harley, though the Night Rod does appeal. I want my bike to be light and uncomplicated.

I've seen a couple of kits where you replace the swing arm without chopping into the frame. I wonder if that counts as re-engineering?

I've got a year before I go ahead so there's no rush and worse case I might just buy a custom kit from the US which is made for the XVS1100 and then maybe get specific parts like the fenders made up here. I'd just prefer to get it all done locally if I can.
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